Hi there, welcome to the all-new Mella’s Fudge website!  It’s been an exciting journey getting to this point, and I am delighted we are finally up and running!  As you look around the site you will see we have information on up and coming events, a Flavour of the Month that will change on a monthly basis (obviously!) and the shop where you can buy the freshest fudge direct from our kitchen, amongst other bits and pieces.  Thanks for visiting, and hopefully you’ll be back again! 

3 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Madan Patil

    Hi everyone at Mella’s. Congrats on your new website and great packaging design. Incidentally, I run a small fudge-making operations myself at a picturesque hill resort of Lonavla, near Mumbai. There are’nt many of our kind ( I mean serious fudge makers) and therefore felt we could network.

    Have a nice time.

    Madan Patil

  2. Jim and Julie and Emily slevin

    Hi Mella . Came home from Bloom with fudge samples to taste. Mellas fudge wins hands down. No contest. Other stalls very stingy with tasting !!! Keep up the great cooking!!! Jim Julie and Emily. ☺

  3. Zara

    I have to say that Mellas Fudge is the best I have tasted, I had to wait from June to June to order the Fudge from the Bloom Festival. But now thanks to the web site and online shop I can order whenever I get the urge. Well done Mellas you have the best fudge ever and I wish you great success in your business. Zara


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