At Mella’s Fudge, we make good, old-fashioned fudge. Good as in really good – in 2011 we won 3 gold stars at the Taste Awards in London (no other fudge in the UK or Ireland won 3 gold stars this year)*. And by old-fashioned, we mean crumbly, buttery, the flavour your grandmother might remember from the good old days! YUM! Luxurious and decadent, you know you want it, it is addictive to say the least!

Great Taste Awards Logo

We started our fudge life as Mella, a young school-girl in Bantry in West Cork – a beautiful seaside town in the south west of Ireland – who started to make fudge for the local sweet shop…Fast forward fifteen years, and having dipped her toes into the worlds of video, interior design and cheesemongering, she decided to chuck all that in and dig her teeth into her original love, confectionery, and, luckily for us, Mella’s Fudge was born.

Mella McAuley

We are now based in Clonakilty, a stone’s throw from Bantry, and you’ll find our fudge in over 70 shops dotted all over the island of Ireland. We make 4 flavours for you to dither over / (spoil yourself with): vanilla, rum & raisin, walnut and chocolate… and of course, we only use the best of ingredients, proper vanilla extract, high quality walnuts, minimum 70% cocoa Belgian chocolate and of course, the key ingredient throughout, locally produced Irish butter from the lush pastures of West Cork.

West Cork

So. Put on the kettle and make yourself a cuppa. And sit back and enjoy with our fabulous fudge. You deserve it!

P.S. All the fudge is naturally gluten free!